We will continue to push boundaries and change how things are done.”

Our story

Green Light Distribution was established to even the playing field. With experience as both the supplier and the wholesaler, the team at Green Light Distribution found it pertinent to change the status quo. We are a distribution company that provides services for small to mid-size wine and craft spirits brands. Our goal is to help these small to mid-size companies continue to grow and take market share from the big guys.


The Green Light staff is composed of over 100 skilled professionals who know how to get the job done and get the job done right.

Dusty Odell

CoFounder + CEO

Matt Nunley

CoFounder + CRO

John Saladino


Shawn Lederman


Bryce Dolan

Chief Financial Officer

Joey Su

Chief Information Officer

Jacob Detten

President of Sales Texas

Jeremy Hazlewood

President of Operations

Mike Bartlett

Vice President of Sales West Texas

Cassie Gatlin

Vice President of Sales Houston

Elysse Jones

Vice President of Sales Central Texas

Jeff Oler

Vice President of Sales North Texas

Greg Stowell

Vice President of Commercial Operations

Ralph Talamantez

Vice President of National Accounts

Ozzie Uribe

Vice President of Sales El Paso

Will Williams

Vice President of Wine

Joe Saladino

Director of Marketing

Jocelyn Neaves

Director of Human Resources

Alicia Reynolds

Texas On-Premise Manager

Darren Wicker

Regional Off-Premise Sales Manager North Texas

Jamie Thiem

Regional Sales Manager Houston

Tony Davis

Key Account Manager

Jonathan Habecker

Key Account Manager

Ben Hastings

Key Account Manager

Joel Meza

Key Account Manager

Derek Parrish

General Manager Florida